Meet Paul


Posturologist, Somatotherapist, Exercise Kinesiologist, and strength and conditioning consultant.

Significant Experience:

Paul has developed a unique postural and functional evaluation and training system over the years with colleagues Jay Kiss and Dr Michel Joubert.

Paul has trained and consulted for many elite and professional athletes in various sports disciplines, such as: Michelle Wie (LPGA), Michael Campbell (PGA 2005 US Open winner), Martin Havlat (Minnesota Wild, NHL), A-J Cargill (world champion extreme skiing), Patrick Carpentier (race car driver) Maxime and Chloe Dufour-Lapointe (Canada free-style mogul skiers), Juan Dixon Portland Trail Blazers NBA, and many more.

Paul is the strength and conditioning consultant and rehab specialist for the NHL hockey players from the Octagon sports agency, and for the David Leadbetter Golf Academy.

Paul gives seminars on the subjects of Posturology, injury prevention and training methods for performance enhancement.


Paul’s expertise lies in training protocols for posture, rehabilitation, muscular balance and performance enhancement. He has worked in tandem with and benefited from the teachings of Dr Guy Voyer and Dr Bernard Bricot.