Postural Sports Performance is Exercise Science Meets Creativity

By on July 12, 2010


I can’t begin to tell how I excited I am to finally have my website and blog up and running . I am not a big computer guy, although I am learning, but now having a platform to spread my message and passion for helping people from elite professional athletes, Hollywood stars, CEO’s of companies to the weekend warrior and average “Joe” has me super pumped up.

As you will see this is not going to be about me just showing you great unique innovative ways to train, that is how I was given the nickname McGuyver, but this will be more importantly about educating you.

Postural Sports Performance (PSP) will be about teaching you the many ways that “Exercise Science Meets Creativity”. That is what I am and Postural Sports Performance is all about.

There should ALWAYS be a reason, and let it be based on science, why you do what you do when it comes to your training. Whether it be for injury prevention, sports performance, rehabilitation, more efficient movement patterns (functional training) , fat loss or simply to have fun the postural system is the key.

What exactly is the postural system and what are it’s components?

From here on out this is what I will be teaching you. It is quite complex but I will take it slow, over the next several weeks you will learn that creating and maintaining good postural alignment takes much more than simply stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles.

So for now enjoy this great video of me and my fellow colleagues doing a Beyond Circuit Training or (Radical Energy System) workout at the beautiful Half Moon resort in Jamaica. You will learn how & why it is important to warm up properly before intense training and can give this challenging 20-10 circuit a go yourself.

Billy says:

Hello Paul, I am a 17 year old baseball player who needs to get much faster, more flexible and a lot stronger without the bulk to maintain my flexibility. Below is a youtube workout I use to do for speed work, but I never got faster.

Do you offer videos I could buy that will make me very explosive, yet flexible? Thanks!